Players can get their NFT FP rented to receive $QB from the occupants.

Two types of Renting:

Fixed Renting

  • Owners can configure fixed settings as: time, price and purpose.

  • Players can check the NFT FP information: Indexes, Rarity, Win rate, Countdown Time, Betting Limitation, etc. Considering market prices is highly recommended.

  • $QC reward earned from the NFT FP can be claimed after 7 days.

    • Use case: A NFT FP owner set the renting config to 50 $QB/ 4 days. The occupant has to pay 50 $QB and use the renting NFT FP within 96 hours after the payment.

Share Renting

  • Owners are able to rent their NFT FP and earn the shared profit from Betting.

  • Players can earn their profit without adding funds.

  • This feature works only if the renting purpose is to participate in Betting.

  • $QC rewards are distributed to renters and owners.

    • Use case:

      • An owner gives his NFT FP for lease and sets renting time to 1 day with 25% of shared profit.

      • After the betting victory, $QC reward will be distributed to owner (25%) and renter (75%) after 3 days.

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