🧰QB Utilities

  • Mint, Swap, Merge: Swap, Merge, Mint mechanism needs a fixed amount of fee which uses $QB & $QC.

  • Staking: Users are able to use $QB to join staking to earn profit which is calculated with APY up to 260%. The growth of Qatar Bet Ecosystem leads to compound interest for users.

  • DAO:

    • Qatar Bet allows $QB holders to join the voting for important decisions. This event will be held quarterly.

    • Note: We will try our best to become decentralized and the community can decide their own choices.

  • Event Rewards: Events will be held for the community with big prizes using $QB:

    • Creative competition: Characters, music, videos design, etc.

    • Opinion polls.

    • Loyalty race: Personal & Guild.

    • E-Sport : Personal & Guild

    • Flag Grand Prix: Personal & Guild

  • Trading in the marketplace: Marketplace, Auction, Renting.

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