Auction Mechanism

  • Trading cryptocurrency: $QB Token (BEP20)
  • Minimum Price: None
  • Maximum Price: None
  • Auction time: Set by users.
  • Fee: 10% (on Sellers)

Create Auction

  • At least 1 NFT in wallet is required
  • Auction creation fee: Free (except BSC gas fee)
  • Time settings & starting price

Place a bid

  • Select an NFT to participate the auction
  • Starting price is always set by the owner. Participants are not allowed to place a price which is lower than the current one (at least 1% higher).
  • Bid fee: 0.001 BNB
  • Participants are able place bids multiple times.
  • Winners are able to claim the NFT after the auction


  • After the auction, owners earn 90% token, the other 10% is transited to the Sale Wallet of Qatar Bet.
  • Auction winners are able to claim NFT without fee (except BSC network gas fee)